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Golisi S35 2x21700 Battery

Golisi S35 2x21700 Battery

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  • Type: Li-Mn IMR

  • Capacity: 3750mAh
  • Max continuous discharge: 30A
  • Nominal operating voltage: 3.6V
  • Full charge voltage: 4.20V±0.05V
  • Battery should not be discharged below 3.3V
  • Protection: Unprotected IMR Cell
  • Sold in packs of two cells

Warnings: -Do not overdischarge/overcharge -Recharge drained batteries ASAP -Do not short circuit -Do not dispose of in fire -Do not expose to extreme heat or water -Please be familiar with handling lithium-ion batteries before purchase. Please note: Due to the nature of this consumable product, no returns are allowed unless the product is defective upon receipt.