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Fantasi Ice

Fantasi Ice

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Cola Iceunique, unmistakable, super secret recipe that you already love

Orange Ice - The Fantasi Orange is so refreshing that drinking out of a cool pop can won’t even match up to our standards any more!

Lemonade Ice - Tarty, supercool, fresh and zesty lemonade experience

Mango Ice -Fresh, exotic, and super chilled ripe mangos

Grape Ice - supercooled, supercharged, ripe and delicious Fantasi Grape Ice e liquid

Strawberry Ice - Iced strawberry soda pop vape for the ultimate in fruity refreshment.

Cherry Ice - 

Red, vibrant and full of flavour;

The Fantasi Cherry Ice takes one of the most loved e-liquid flavours and made it iconic.

Watermelon Ice - 

Nice pink and refreshing quality; Watermelon are the classic fruit of warm times, that can be enjoyed all year round.

Juicy, fruity with cool notes, tantalising and sweetened.

Blackberry Ice - supremely cooling and mouth-wateringly fruity

Apple Ice - like a can of ice cold pop right out of the fridge

Lime Mojito - Combined the tang of fresh lime juice, bruised mint leaves, rum and fizzy soda water to create Lime Mojito Ice, then balanced out the flavour with a touch of sweetness