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Soda King Duo 100ml

Soda King Duo 100ml

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Apple & Raspberry.

Sweet apple paired with raspberry creates a flawless flavour that's to die for.

Fruity Mango.

Fresh fruits fused perfectly with mongos for a fantastically flavourful vape.

Lemon & Lime.

A classic combo of lemon & lime will never let you down! Perfectly sweet & zesty.

Pink Lemonade.

Nothing is much more refreshing then a delicious raspberry lemonade on a hot summers day.

Raspberry & Strawberry.

Love strawberries? Raspberries? Then this is the one for you. Super berry-licious.

Rainbow Soda.

Rainbow Soda is hand crafted combination of your favourite rainbow sweets and soda! the two different bursts of flavour you get on the inhale and exhale will surely excite your palate and leave you wandering how did they get that fizz!!